Some Social Media Related Things

I spent some time in analyzing about 2 millions tweets post on from May 21th to 31st, 2012.

I don’t want to talk about the techniques in detail because that’s gonna take too long. If you have further interests, contact me or leave a message.

Just for fun~

1. Distributions of posts in a day. What is the most active hour?


Hourly Post Number
Hourly Post Number

Answer: 12 o’clock

2. What do people do in different hours?


Hourly hot topics
Hourly hot topics

3. What are hot in each day?


2012-05-21: 共产党/美国/CEO/榜样, ATM/出错/英国/双倍, 热比娅, 日环食(Annular eclipse)

2012-05-22: 董伟/高帅富/败/家产/抢超市, 菲律宾/军舰/渔民/开炮, 科比/雷霆(Bryant/Thunder), 文颐/法语/非你莫属

2012-05-23: 上海医药, 卫生厅/打通任督二脉蚊香/睡觉/中毒

2012-05-24: 宜宾/五粮液/机场, 孔子/学院/美国尼日利亚(Nigeria)

2012-05-25: 人权/国别/报告Country Reports on Human Rights Practices),格力电器

2012-05-26: 孟晓苏/房地产永城/幼女, 周笔畅

2012-05-27: 击毙/裸体/啃食面部/迈阿密(Shot and Killed/Naked/Face Eating/Miami), 扎克伯格(Zuckerberg),猥亵

2012-05-28: 地震/唐山(Tangshan earthquake)比亚迪/GTR/飙车/肇事者

2012-05-29: 双汇/蛆虫赵普/革职

2012-05-30: 台办/国台办/两岸/马英九/德国梁光烈

2012-05-31: 喜之郎/果肉,吸烟(smoke – World No Tobacco Day)

4. How long will the hot topics last? (for example: 2012-05-22, Bryant/Thunder)



People are just so easy to forget. Hot topics just disappear in 3 – 4 days.

5. What do people think when speaking of the Chinese Communist Party(CCP)?


执政(be in power) 独裁(dictatorship) 推翻(subvert) 专政(dictatorship)腐败(corruption) 社会主义(socialism) 人民(people) 毛泽东思想(Maoism) 利益(benefit) 人权(human rights) 掠夺(plunder) 既得利益(vested interests) 公信力(public credibility) 中南海(Zhongnanhai) 百姓(people) 农民(farmer) 土地(land) 征地(land acquisition) 开发商(real estate developers) 官商勾结(collusion between officials and businessmen) 谋利(make profit) 拆迁(relocation) 资本主义(capitalism) 公仆(public servant) 民众(people) 治国(administer a country) 国民(national) 拥护(support)

6. What time is the happiest time in a day?

(How happy are people hourly, 一天中啥时候最开心呢?)

Happy Hourly
Happy Hourly

Wait! Let’s go back to the first topic – Distributions of posts per hour


Hourly Post Number
Hourly Post Number

It seems like these two graphs are similar huh? lol

People are more likely to share good things of them.

Now I’ve got a happiness baseline of average people. It must be abnormal if this person is always being either too positive or too negative.

7. I am just being the one that I want you to see


The Skype Call by Rafael Alvarez