Some Self-hosted RSS Readers

I just learned a lesson from Google: host the web services by yourself!

Here are the list of self-hosted RSS reader that I found:
(Some of them are still in progress, so when you read this article, they maybe totally different as you see here.)

Tiny Tiny RSS, Selfoss, NewsBlur, Lilina, Leselys, ownCloud’s News app and Fever:

1. Tiny Tiny RSS

Very flexible, implemented all the functions that I need. API available, so there are mobile apps available, and desktop clients available. The default web UI is not so user friendly, but that is fine, you can customize the css. Here is a sample for you to make it like the old Google reader.


Good Chinese support. You can import OPML subscription file exported from Google Reader.Multiple users, sharing, add star. And also, some plugins are also available.

2. Selfoss

Very beautiful but a little bit unnatural and confused UI(the newest/unread/stared and the TAGS below affect at the same time: so when you click unread, it’s won’t show all the unread articles, but only the unread articles under the tag you are current at):


As far as I can see, there is no multiple users support, you can only have one user. And bad Chinese support:


3. NewsBlur

There is nothing I can say, it’s so good and so easy to use. I love it.
It includes all the functions that I need: sharing, Good Chinese support, categories, everything.


4. Lilina

Very intuitive UI, I like this 2 – 3 columns layout, but no categories support available(which makes me just skip it), Lilina is currently in development, and there is no stable releases yet. Hopefully they will become better:



5. Leselys

Another simple one, no categories:


6. ownCloud’s News app

You can NOT import Google reader’s OPML here, Good Chinese support. There is no way to do any setting to change the UI elements unless you change the code. I think they are working on this too.


7. Fever

No multiple user, and you need to pay. There is no way that I would use this one.